Lee et al (2016) Inhibition of miR-203 Reduces Spontaneous Recurrent Seizures in Mice

The authors show that miR-203 regulates glycine receptor-β (Glrb) in epilepsy models and miR-203 is upregulated in the hippocampus of epileptic mice and human epileptic brains and is predicted to target inhibitory synaptic receptors, including Glrb. In vitro transfection, target gene luciferase assays, and analysis of human samples confirmed the direct inhibition of GLRB by miR-203, and AM203, an antagomir targeting miR-203, reversed the effect of miR-203. When intranasal AM203 was administered, AM203 reached the brain and restored hippocampal GLRB levels in epileptic mice. Finally, intranasal AM203 reduced the epileptic seizure frequency of mice.

Lee (2016)