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Please submit data to EpimiRBase in a comma-seperated values (.csv) file using the row format below (one row per miRNA):



  1. is miRNA name
  2. is Regulation (up/down)
  3. is Type of study (expression analysis, functional, profiling-biofluid profiling-brain)
  4. is Species
  5. is Publication ("link")
  6. is Expression details ("see EpimiRBase for examples")
  7. is Experimental details ("see EpimiRBase for examples").

Please note that rows should be separated by line (newline) and for fields 5, 6 and 7, double quotes should enclose field data.

An example of a two-line file format using actual data is below:

miR-183,up,expression analysis,rat,"","upregulated during the acute and chronic phases compared to controls but not during the latent phase.","Animal and human studies: Rat model (Pilocarpine) and analysis of resected hippocampus from TLE patients. PCR-based analysis of set of six miRNAs."

miR-155,up,expression analysis,human,"","up regulated in hippocampal tissues from children with MTLE","Animal and human studies: Rat model (Pilocarpine) and analysis of resected hippocampus from children with TLE. PCR-based analysis of set of 1 miRNA."

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